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Become a Health Coach

Send us your information and we can show you how our fast track scholarship program can save you time and money

Change your career with a Diploma in Health and Wellness - online in 6 months!

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Double or even triple your income with your own coaching business

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Become a Health Coach with Move Academy

Move Academy has a Health Coach certification that can get you into this growing $3 trillion industry whether you are already working as a personal trainer or other fitness or health care related field or if you are just looking to enter the industry. The health and wellness industry is expanding and we are now seeing a shift towards a more holistic form of movement and helping people achieve their goals in all aspects of their lives; be part of that change. 

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I'm really excited that we are offering these coaching courses in New Zealand. I have been a personal trainer for years both in NZ and overseas and feel this is exactly what the industry is missing and needs. As trainers, we need to start addressing people as a whole and not just look at the exercise component.


We'd love to have you as a member of the Move Academy family to help us make an impact in this growing and exciting industry. 

Here's why we're excited to enrol you in our Health Coach course 

After spending years in the industry we have listened to the personal trainers that feel like they should be offering more to their clients. And they want more themselves. Health, Wellness and Lifestyle coaching is that answer. We have incorporated the six pillars of Health and Wellness to create courses that you can use to for yourself and your clients to succeed. 

The Health and Wellness sector is expanding!

The “Well Economy” shows no signs of slowing. There’s an ever-growing connectivity in the minds of consumers between the various aspects of their lives. Sleep is linked to productivity, beauty, and mental health. Food is linked to aging, healthy guts, cognitive abilities and stress. Fitness is about mental agility, neuroplasticity and experience—not just firm buttocks. We want to bring what we are seeing in other parts of the world to New Zealand so that as a community we can continue to be leaders. 


The programs are internationally recognised

We have teamed up with internationally recognised education platforms and registration bodies to offer you the best chance to succeed. Your success is about you and your attitude but we are working hard to give you the best start that you can get. 


Earn while you study!

You can start training clients in movement aspects of their life and work in the health and wellness industry while you finish your coach qualification. This will allow you to get clients, practice what you are learning and potentially be well established in your business once you have successfully completed the entire program. You could potentially earn back your tuition fees in one month with your new clients!! How fantastic is that?

Why a Health Coach?

Wellness coaching

We have listened to what the industry has said and trainers are frustrated as they feel they are not offering enough to their clients in order to help them achieve all of their goals...they want to offer so much more. Our Health Coach course will help you be that so much more.

Our Health Coach course focuses mainly on three of the six pillars of Health and Wellness to allow you to contribute to the achievement of individual goals of your clients whatever they may be. Our training includes nutrition, principals of movement and exercise, the body and mind connection, programming and feedback for clients, communication and coaching,

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