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Become a Health and  Wellness Professional

Send us your information and we can show you how our fast track scholarship program can save you time and money*

Personal Trainer

Lifestyle Coach

Health Coach

Wellness Coach

Change your career with a Diploma in Health and Wellness or Certificate in Fitness - online in 6 months!

Real Jobs and Opportunities available now


Double or even triple your income with your own coaching business

Free business kick starter pack valued at over $4000 on graduation

Substantial savings with Educational and Corporate Scholarships available NOW

Real Job Opportunities Available Now

We are talking to Health and Wellness businesses every day and every one without fail is saying bring me some students! Opportunities are everywhere, and what is great is that the businesses are happy to run your business inside of theirs. You get to grow your own client base and work how you want. 

We have a huge network of connections in the industry as we have been managing, running and owning Health and Wellness businesses for over 30 years.  

Hela Coach

After starting my Lifestyle Coach Program, my life has changed in so many ways. Along with learning the skills required to start my own coaching business, I also confirmed my purpose in life; which is to help people make change in their lives. It is never too late to make changes and I am so glad I enrolled to complete this qualification.'    Brooke Prins

Double or Even Triple your income with your own coaching business

The great thing about the Health and Wellness Industry is that you can easily transition to your own full time business or earn extra income while keeping your everyday job. 

Our coaches are earning between $100-$200 per hour.

Even at 20 hours per week, you can earn yourself

$100K to $200K per year!

Get a $4000 Business Kickstarter Pack

As a platinum provider we offer you, through our accreditation body the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists (IICT) your first year membership for free which gives your over $4000 worth of business kickstarter products and tools. 

Here's what is included in the tool box:

- facebook presence guide/tutorials

- marketing and web performance checklist

- 52 week business growth program

- wellness leadership masterclass

- facebook, google adwords and SEO marketing offers

- resource on how to position yourself as the expert in your niche/industry

- and more!

Scholarships Available

We have a number of corporate and educational scholarships on offer which can make your study more affordable. 

Our partners, which include organisations and individuals that have benefited from the massive growth of the Health and Wellness industry over the last 30 years are passionate about giving back to the industry and want to make sure that getting the best skills and tools available are within reach of everyone. With limited government assistance to the sector it is great that individuals and corporations are willing to give back for the good of the industry, community, and the world!

Wellness Coach

Why a Coach?

Wellness coaching

We have listened to what the industry has said and trainers are frustrated as they feel they are not offering enough to their clients in order to help them achieve all of their goals...they want to offer so much more. Our Coach course will help you be that so much more.

Our Coach course combines the six pillars of Health and Wellness to allow you to contribute to the achievement of individual goals of your clients whatever they may be. Our training includes nutrition, principals of movement and exercise, the body and mind connection, programming and feedback for clients, communication and coaching, developing self and others in a fitness, health and/or wellness environment and all six pillars of Health and Wellness

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