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Don't Just be a PT

Be a Health Coach

Download the free e-book to learn how you can:

  • get paid to do what you love

  • help others achieve their goals

  • work when you want, where you want

  • become part of an in demand industry that is still  experiencing strong growth

  • travel the world making money and doing what you love 

  • start getting clients for your new business while you study

Become a Health Coach with Move Academy

The health and wellness industry is expanding and we are now seeing a shift towards a more holistic form of movement and helping people achieve their goals in all aspects of their lives. Become the next generation of personal trainer. 


Move Academy has a Health Coach certification that can get you into this growing $3 trillion industry whether you are already working as a personal trainer or other fitness or health care related field or if you are just looking to enter the industry. 

Why a Health Coach?

"I got my personal training cert first, followed by the Health Coach cert. I think that they work very well together and now I can't imagine my job without both.  The exercise and human body knowledge combined with how to understand people's behaviour was very valuable.  I am treating the "whole" person when I work with my clients so I think we need the most tools we can  to be able help them."   Christine B

We have listened to what the industry has said and personal trainers are frustrated as they feel they are not just personal trainers anymore...they are so much more. This Health Coach course will help you be that so much more that you can offer your clients.

Our Health Coach course combines the studies of personal training combined with a certification that focuses more on the Health and Wellness of individuals. On top of the personal training certification this course gives additional training in nutrition, communication and coaching with your clients, developing self and others in a fitness and wellness environment. 

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