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Sport, Fitness & Personal Trainer Courses

Spin class with fitness instructor

Become a Fitness Instructor

Your journey to help others begins here. Move Academy will help you motivate others to succeed with their fitness goals.

Dive right into class with one of our experts. We will teach you the basics and get your journey in the fitness industry started.


Our Fitness Instructor course SIS30321- Certificate III in Fitness is delivered online, so you can get qualified without giving up your job, family time or social life. You'll complete the course work at home and train the practical side at your local gym. You'll learn about the principles of exercise, fitness and health; anatomy and physiology; nutrition; supporting clients; and health, safety and welfare in a gym environment. You’ll also learn how to communicate with your clients effectively, and how motivate them to stick to an exercise programme. The program will cover all aspects that will enable you to safely and confidently work at a fitness facility at the completion of your qualification.​


Get in touch with us to learn more.

Fitness Video

Become a Personal Trainer

The Move Academy Personal Trainer course SIS40221 - Certificate IV in Fitness will teach you the fundamentals so that you can help get others moving.


Becoming a PT isn’t only just about science, exercise, and getting your qualification. It is also about being able to listen better, speak efficiently, relate when appropriate, and show empathy instead of sympathy. In the Move Academy PT program you will learn the principles of anatomy and physiology, nutrition, programming, communication and coaching along with other skills and tools that will allow you to work successfully in any health and fitness environment. This course also provides the perfect foundation for moving on to the higher level Move Academy Coaching course 


The tutors, mentors and master coaches at Move Academy will engage and inspire you to enquire and learn. If you want to elevate yourself, your future business, and your impact in the world, then the best place to start is to become a personal trainer. 

Give us a call today if you want to learn more.

Weight Trainer

Become a Health Coach

To ensure your success as a Health Coach you need to have the coaching skills to succeed as most of the opportunities are contracting within clubs or running your own PT studio/mobile/ home based business.

Health Coaching skills are paramount in today's competitive environment for retaining clients and the Certificate IV in Fitness cover the basics; but if you want to future proof your career as a health coach then we suggest you take the Health Coach package with Move Academy.

The course includes a work placement in your club or one near you so that you can practice your skills while you learn. When the club manager finds out you have selected Health Coach package they will be far more confident in offering you an opportunity within the club to thrive as a personal trainer with the additional skills of coaching your clients to success. 

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All courses are recognised under the Australian quality framework administered by ASQA 

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