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5 tips to get back on track after Easter

Four days of overindulgence and little or no exercise…

The worst thing is that Easter Monday is also a part of Easter, and Monday is the only day when you can start fresh, therefore this week is ruined and you cannot start back on track until next Monday, WRONG! Four days of Easter and everything that comes along with it is not going to ruin your goals as long as you get back on track ASAP

Easter is over, so check out these tips on what you need to do NOW:

1. Get rid of the chocolate

Throw away all the left over chocolate, you might think that it’s a waste to put it in the rubbish but you will think it is also a waste when it is sitting around your belly. No good can come of chocolate hidden everywhere in the house, so get rid of it and start fresh.

2. Don’t weigh yourself

While we’re never a fan of scales, if you are, don’t go and get on the scale straight after Easter, the risk is that the numbers will be less than satisfying, you’ll know this without weighing yourself and getting even more disappointed. Instead, get back on track with eating healthy and exercising, and then weigh yourself the following week, if you have done well the numbers will be back to normal and you won’t feel so disappointed with yourself.

3. Don’t skip meals

Just because you overindulged over Easter, there is no reason to skip meals to try and make up for it. Skipping meals during the day usually leads to cravings in the evening and overeating, therefore it is much better to get into a good routine with regular healthy meals because the cravings in the evenings are rarely for carrots or peppermint tea.

4. Don’t go for the discount

You know how the shops have all the left over Easter chocolate on sale after Easter? DON’T BUY THEM. The only thing that is going to happen is that you will consume them and it will cost you, not so much in money because they were on sale, but in kilos in areas where you don’t want them.

5. Keep a diary

To make sure to keep yourself accountable with eating healthy and getting back on track after Easter, it’s a good idea to keep a food diary for at least two to three weeks. When we write down what we eat we automatically get more mindful of it and no one wants to write down more chocolate.

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