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Why Today is the Perfect Day to Start something new.

I have always wanted to do this, I want to help others, people tell me I would be great at this...

We know that you have been thinking about it for a while, you may have been at the point you where just about to start it and then something else, life, got in the way. Whenever we’re thinking about the time to start something new, we often let the calendar guide our decision about when to start. “Next week”, “next month”, "after school holidays", Monday, is always when the diet, exercise, budgeting, or the course you have always wanted to do makes sense to start.

Of course, what happens is that we decide that we’ll wait until the Day to Start Something New to start those new projects, but when those actual days roll around, life, the unfinished stuff of yesterday, the emergency phone call, the big project at work, the unexpected bill or breakup comes up and smashes our plans, our dreams. Before we know it the Day to Start Something new doesn't happen.

When this Perfect Day to Start something doesn't happen our brain then starts the justification to the negative stories we tell ourselves and decide that we need to wait until the next Day to Start Something New to try again, or give up because, obviously, it wasn’t meant to be. We always have great reasons as to why it didn't happen, why it is okay and why we are not frustrated that we put ourselves last again. And we can most likely guess that this is not the first time...or probably the last time that it will happen.

Let's all be honest: how much of your life have you spent waiting for the next Day to Start Something New? How many projects have you not started on because you missed your sacred start date? How much time, how many years, how many school holidays or summers have gone by while we wait for the perfect time to start. Time is arbitrary in so many different ways. The 1st of the month is a human artifice, as is Monday and New Year’s Day. As is whatever date Day to Start Something New falls on for you. There is never a "perfect" time to start something. Life constantly gets busier, more complicated; that perfect time gets further away.

Let today be your Day to Start Something New. That new diet, or exercise plan, the new course to get you headed in the direction that you always wanted to go can start today just as well as the 1st. Your week to get something done can start on a Thursday as well as on a Monday. Tomorrow is the next best starting day, as long as ‘tomorrow’ isn’t your own code word for “never.”

Don’t spend the time that you have waiting for the perfect time, that perfect situation, for the arbitrary Day to Start Something New when that day can be today. Make the choice and the rest of your life will align. We promise.

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